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A flexible and tailored service

Epigone offers a service that is rare in the south of France, with facilities suited particularly to cartons of wine as well as other products on pallets that are compatible with wine conservation.

 Capacity for more than 20,000 pallets, around 12 million cartons
 Storage on racks: each pallet has its discrete location to avoid crushing the cartons
 The latest electric handling equipment (no vibration)
 Wire-guided tri-directional fork lift trucks
 Light levels suited to wine(no ultraviolet light)
 Storage from 1 pallet to several thousand pallets for different durations
 All types of pallets (VMF, Europe, 120x120, half pallet)
 Storage of unlabelled bottles in metal pal boxes

 Storage at a constant controlled temperature between 13° and 16° C
 Controlled levels od humidity
 Atmosphere correctly maintained via appropriate ventilation
 Prevention of contamination that could cause organoleptic faults
 Labelling of pallets, identification and control of stock movements in the warehouse, allocation of EAN128 codes
 Operational procedures tried and tested at the Carcassonne site
 Efficient and reliable software
 Consultation of inventory by the customer via the website with access to information on all stock movements

alles stockage racksComprehensive management of administrative and customs procedures

 Management of stocks and movement by date, client product code, batch number, location, pallet, consignee
 Adaptability of the software to the specific needs of the customer
 Access to information via the website
 The creation of customs documentation (DAE, DRM, Caution...) via computerised procedures facilitates traceability and the correct execution of customer declarations.