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Picking and preparation of orders

With our internal software system and the stock management procedures we have developed over 12 years, we undertake all aspects of order preparation, from a single parcel to an entire container, including the requirements of e-commerce and bespoke packaging (presentation box, special offers…)

  • Single bottle, carton or pallet
  • Co-packing, special offers
  • Management of FIFO, LIFO…
  • Container loading and unloading (20 or 40 foot)
  • Traceability of all operations by batch, product or consignee
  • Management of stock shortages by order and transmission of information in real time

Comprehensive administrative and customs management

  • Transmission of orders by fax, email, via the website or IDE.
  • Access to information via the Epigone website.
  • Completion of customs documentation (DAE, DRM, Caution...)

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